Jun 042013

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Recommended Local Restaurants

Name Address Tel. + 39
Ariston Str. Colz 34 0471-849267 Pizzeria
Blumine c/o Hotel La Villa Str. Boscdaplan 176 0471-847035 Local and international cuisine – ladin dinner (Thursday)
Ciasa Olga Str. Boscdaplan 192 0471-847268 Local and international cuisine
Gourmet Restaurant La Ganac/o Hotel Cristallo Str. Verda 3 0471-847762 The new gourmet restaurant with game specialities, surprise menu, vast choice of wines. Every Thursday live music. Monday closed
Hotel Aurora Str. Colz 103 0471-847173 Local and Italian cuisine
Hotel Bel Sit Str. Punt da Bos 20 0471-836001 Local and international cuisine
Hotel Ciasa Soleil Str. Colz 81 0471-847174 Local and international cuisine
Hotel Ciasa Tamà Str. Plaön 14 0471-847202 Local and international cuisine
Hotel Dolasilla Str. Rottonara 30 0471-847006 Local and international cuisine
Hotel Dolomiti Str. Funtanacia 55 0471-847143 Local and international cuisine – fondue
Hotel Gran Risa Str. Colz 133 0471-847012 Local and international cuisine
Hotel Ladinia Str. Colz 64 0471-847044 Local and international cuisine
Hotel La Majun Str. Colz 59 0471-847030 Refined local and international cuisine
Hotel Savoy Str. Colz 88 0471-847088 Traditional cuisine – fondue
La Bercia Str. Colz 13 0471-847014 Starters, grill specialities, pizza until 1 a.m., also takeaway
La Tor Str. Colz 9 0471-844091 Tuesday ladin evening with music and ladin dishes, starters, pizza from wood burning oven, varied salads
L’Fanà – restaurant and pizzeria Str. Colz 57 0471-847022 Traditional dishes – pizza from wood burning oven
L’Fanà Grillstube Str. Colz 57 0471-847025 Typical appetizers and special vegetables and meat grilled platters
La Ciano Str. Boscdaplan 0471-844246 Pizzeria and Restaurant

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